Award-Winning Korean Beauty Aesthetics
- Award-Winning Treatments with Fun-fueled Beauty Experience
"Brow Resurrection"
- Brow Rescue Techniques Designed for Brow Perfection
"High-Bright Laser Facial"
- Unique Laser Facial that Zaps and Freezes Off Imperfections
"LipoFreeze Fat Freezing"
- Dawn of a New Age for Fat Reduction - Freeze 'em Off and not BURN!
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Your One-Stop Destination For All Your Beauty and Aesthetic Needs!

Kosme Aesthetics is a vibrant and trendy Korean concept Beauty and Aesthetics centre located at Orchard providing a diverse range of beauty services for top to toe perfection.


Brow Resurrection

Lip and Eyeliner Enhancements

Gravity Defy Lifting Facial

Body Shaping

Laser and Aesthetic Facials

Fat Freezing

Hair Removal

LED Teeth Whitening

Accolades, Media and Reviews

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The Kosme Experience

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