LipoFreeze Fat Freezing

LIPOFREEZE is the latest development in fat freezing technology. The LIPOFREEZE is capable of achieving between 20% - 30% of fat reduction in the treated area through vacuum and controlled cooling. Say goodbye to stubborn fat with LIPOFREEZE

Fat freezing, also known as "Cryolipolysis", improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on treated areas. The plates are pressed against the treated body area for an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that eliminates fat cells while leaving other tissues (like skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.

LIPOFREEZE uses this science to destroy fat cells while putting the body's metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can reduce the thickness of the fat layer without having any adverse effects on other types of cells. The body then naturally digests and removes the dead fat cells, and within a few weeks the patient is enjoying her new body contour! Results can be seen earliest 1 month post-treatment while continuing to improve up to 6 months. The treatment is safe with no downtime and you can resume routine activities immediately after treatment. LipoFreeze is your perfect non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to liposuction.


The LipoFreeze 3-in-1 treatment is a spot fat elimination procedure that utilizes a triple action mechanism of isolating fat cells through EndoTherapy, freezing fat cells to death through Freezing Treatment and irradiating fat cells with Laser Treatment.

  • Up to 25% Fat Reduction in 1 session
  • Endotherapy uses a vacuum action which elevates the skin and fat cells. This therapy helps in lymphatic drainage and isolates fat cells for greater effectiveness when treated with Freezing and Laser
  • Freezing Treatment effectively eliminates stubborn fat by freezing them to death
  • Laser Treatment irradiates fat cells while it increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Fat cells eliminated by the LipoFreeze procedure will be flushed out by the body's immune system
  • A non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to Liposuction
  • No downtime
  • Safe and effective treatment for eliminating stubborn fat
  • Select from ONE of the following body parts: Tummy, Love handles, Arms, Thighs, Calves, Buttocks, Back

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