About Kosme Aesthetics

Kosme Vision & Mission

Trendy, Chic and Fun

Your regular beauty routine visits will never be the same again. Be thrilled during your every visit with our enthusiastically designed environment and attention to detail which spurs fun and joy during your every visit.

Beauty Empowerment

Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. With the latest technologies and products that simply works, be empowered to achieve all your beauty desires without barriers. We enable Beauty.

Satisfaction is Key

We believe wholeheartedly in building trust in our clients and maximizing customer satisfaction. We have an endless will of simply doing our best to satisfy your beauty desires while ensuring your experience with us is a pleasant and delightful one.

The Kosme Experience

Kosme Aesthetics is a top-to-toe one-stop aesthetics centre in Singapore focused on beauty and aesthetics using korean technologies and procedures. We provide a wide array of treatments for face, body, brows, lash, hair removal, teeth and semi-permanent make-up. All our treatments are non-invasive and safe. Our team of advisors and aestheticians are certified and trained by korean aesthetic specialists.

At Kosme, our aesthetic concept brings your regular beauty and aesthetic visits to a whole new level. Our centre environment instills fun and heightens energy in you for your every visit with a vibrant team of aestheticians and advisors as well as a trendy and bold environment. Our centre aims to inspire individuals to pursue beauty likened to an adventure and beauty as an embodiment of chic and fun. Be awed by our level of customer service and diverse offerings of unique services and treatments.

Korean aesthetic technologies and products play a leading role in the field of beauty and aesthetics with people all over the world heading to Seoul to undergo aesthetic procedures. At Kosme, we bring the latest aesthetic technologies and procedures from Korea to you with an emphasis on non-invasive and non-surgical procedures for enhancement of individual desired features.

All treatments at Kosme are performed by trained and certified individuals as we emphasize heavily on treatment results and safety. Rest assured that you are in good hands at Kosme.

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